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C-Cramp (the C-Cramp College Radio Audio Management Program) is a collection of small, simple applications centered around a mysql database that holds information about music for small, non-profit radio stations and about the station's DJ's, staff, schedules, live music and program logs, and breif CD reviews.

Currently, c-cramp exists in the form of a php-based front end to the database.


More Information:

Problem (The Reason C-Cramp was created).

I work for a small, non-profit college fm radio station in the middle of nowhere.  We have been plagued with problems relating to not having a coherent system for organizing music and other station information.  This is especially troubling considering the station is entirely student-run, and thus each staff is completely new every three or so years.  DJ's are also always new students, so there is no room for long-term training.  Applications and organizational systems must be advanced enough to be applicable years down the line, yet they must be simple enough so that new staff and dj's are able to comprehend and maintain them.  Program logs must be filled out properly to avoid FCC difficulties.  Music must be tracked accurately to maintain proper relations with record companies and promoters, but DJ's play both their own CD's and in station CD's of all different ages.  It is difficult to manage these tasks with a swinging-door staff.  Also, we use Linux, Mac, and windows computers, which can be a real pain.

Solution (hint: C-Cramp):

mysql!!!!!!  By storing all the information in a mysql database, the information can be shown/modified/tracked by all kinds of nifty programs in any number of computer programming languages.  The first languages utilized in c-cramp are php -- for making a web-based front-end, and perl -- for creating a linux application to retrieve freedb information for CD's and enter them into the database.  A C++ based tool for loading CD's is in the works.

Who's Developing C-Cramp?

You and I are developing C-Cramp.  WHAT?!?!?  You didn't know you were on the development team?  Well hurry up and email me to catch up on where we are and what we need help with!  C-Cramp is open source, and under the Gnu Public License (GPL), so everybody can help make it better!!!

Uh...Who Are You, Mister/Misses Web-Page-Writer-Guy/Girl?

My name is Jackson Scott Sly, and I volunteer/"work" for a small, non-profit FM radio station in the Great Plains region.  I am a college student and dirt poor at that.  My music obsession doesn't help my monetary situation much, so if you find c-cramp useful, interesting, or just think you like me, send the project a small donation by clicking the link below!!!  THANK YOU.

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