C-Cramp screenshots

These are screenshots of C-Cramp 1.5 in a mozilla-firefox window (on gentoo linux, running enlightenment wm).

c-cramp 1.5 login
This is what you see when you first visit c-cramp or when you log out.  I know, snazzy.

c-cramp 1.5 home
This is what administrative users see immediately upon logging in.  Future versions will have tools, such as database searching and oft-used admin functions, show up here instead of blank space and variable output.  Note on the right-hand side of the page there is an alphabetical listing of artists available in the database.  CD's by various artists will appear by the title of the CD in quotation marks.  Setting your mouse over any of the artist names will reveal the album title.  Clicking on the select box at the top will change genres, so that you see only artists from a specific genre, and clicking on new/old/etc will show only new or old or whatever age music.  Note more functions at the top of the screen.  Editing functions will not appear in DJ mode.

c-cramp 1.5, edit-cd view
this is CD-editing mode.  CD's can be edited by clicking on the artist name on the left hand side, and then changing information and submitting form.  Mass editing is planned in future versions.

c-cramp 1.5 log view screenshot
this is where DJ's log the live music they play.  At this point, only music is logged, but a general program log implementation is in the works.  Note that clicking on the trash icon will prompt a user to delete a track from the play log.

c-cramp 1.5, add song to music log screenshot
This is an example of a way for DJ's to add music to the live music log.  Clicking on an artist name on the left hand side will bring up a dialog like this with the CD information on it.  Red tracks indicate radio-unfriendly music.  Recommended tracks are underlined.  Clicking on the "log" link will add the respective track to the music log.  Clicking on "request" will add it as a request.  Music can also be added to the live log by entering in the "slot number" and the track number in the main log view mode -- this, however, only works for CD's marked with a "new" status.  Future versions of the dialog might include a review of the CD.